sainsburys tu clothing range?

what london sainsburys store has the biggest colection of tu clothing has to be in north/east london ive tried whitechapel and green lanes n13 already and got some good things but is there a superstore? thanks

Can i use the Gap gift card online?

Can i use the gap gift card online? if so how?
i really want to buy these trousers so please can someone tell me how to use it online
by the way i want to use the gift CARD to buy the item, its nott a discount code it is a GIFT CARD, because where it says method of payment normally shops say gift card, credit card or debit card but i cant find it.

ASDA Best Welcome. What to wear?

I’ve just got a job at ASDA as a summer temp so I’ve got my Best Welcome coming up next weekend.

Any ideas on what to wear? I’ve been told to dress comfortably because I’ll be in a room all day but I don’t want to turn up in jeans if we’re going to be taken onto the shop floor.

Also, do we get our uniform on this day too?

Thank you in advance. :)