Where can I use my MINT Gift Card? ?

I’ve got a Mint Gift Card, but don’t know where I can use it in UK. I have checked the website of Mint which mentioned can use this card at retailers worldwide, including online retailers, where Visa Electron is accepted. However, don’t say exactly which shop. I have tried it in Boots and IKEA store. They both can not accept it. Is there anybody could tell me what store I can use my Mint Gift Card? Thanks in advance.

what should i do after my mortgage deal comes to an end? uk?

i bought my house in nov 07 for 155,000. it was valued at 160,000 at the time. i expect it is now worth an estimated 135,000. i have an interest only tracker mortgage deal which is coming to an end in august. i borrowed 147,000. my current rate is 1.89%. my banks svr is 3.99%. i am not struggling to meet my payments and wont struggle even on the banks current svr. i plan to pay an extra 5000 off in april but i will still be in negative equity. can anyone give me some advice on what my options will be and what my bank is likely to offer me at the end of my current deal. uk only.