How dangerous is it to heat food in a plastic container during pregnancy?

Hi everyone,
I did heat a ready-made pasta souse from Sainsbury’s in its’ original plastic container. The instructions said to heat it for 5 mins in the actual container it came in, so I did. However, I am now reading that this is dangerous, especially during pregnancy, because of the chemicals the plastic releases due to the heat. Of course I am not going to do it anymore, but how harmful could it be for the baby if I have only done it once? Am I over-reacting?

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “How dangerous is it to heat food in a plastic container during pregnancy?

  1. too lady to rest

    You are over-reacting a bit. Remember, that just 3 years ago, nobody knew the dangers of BPA, so pregnant women were non-the-wiser about the danger. Even now, most people don’t pay much attention to these things. I agree that you should avoid it in general, and especially when you are pregnant. I switched out all my cheap plasticware for Pyrex last year for general health purposes. My thought is that right now it is BPA, but what will it be next? So, let it go, but try to be better in the future :)

  2. pildriver69

    You may be over-reacting a little. Plastics contain plasticisers which some are toxic. Because the plastic is already in contact with food it must already meet with stringent rules and regulations of what and what can not be present in the plastic. So this excludes the majority of toxic substances so you should feel some relief with that. You may want to contact Sainsury’s for extra advice but as you say find plastics that are microwavable and do not contain toxins that could be harmful to you or your Baby. This one off event should in my opinion be much of a problem in any eventuality.

  3. Ev :- due 12 Jan 2011

    your over-reacting a little, all this stuff is scare-mongering, you cant eat this, you cant drink that, dont sit this way dont walk that way…its all been in the last 10-15 years that this has kicked off, its all just a huge waste of time, im not being funny but my mum had 6 kids who were all perfectly healthy without all this nonsense…the only 1’s i listen to are the 1’s about not drinking alchol, not smoking and not doing drugs (i didnt do any of this before i was pregnant so wasnt a huge push for me lol) relax a little, eat healthily and talk to your midwife about any concerns… you will be fine and it will have little to no effect on your baby, but please please speak to your midwife so that she can lay any concerns to rest congrats on the baby and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

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