What is a Tesco Stock Control Assistant?

There is a job vacancy at my local Tesco for a stock control assistant.

I am 16 and need this as a weekend job, I am able to work the hours that it advertises.

Is it a job a 16 year old can do or do they expect someone older?

How is it different to a standard sales assistant?
What would I be doing if I had the job?

2 thoughts on “What is a Tesco Stock Control Assistant?

  1. jackie m

    I was a stock control assistant a long time ago but it was an office job where you checked the paper work of stock coming in and out of the business but I would think the one you are referring to and the hours it will be packing the shelves, check out the Tesco website for a job description, Good Luck

  2. Henstu

    A stock controller is responsible for taking care of the stock, making sure the store has sufficient quantity and enough supply for customer demand, there assistant will be doing stock counts, packaging shelves & stock take. Unless you have warehouse experience or some retail experience, you won’t be able to take the job as the customer demand is highly important to the store, if it’s wrong, then there are possibilities of the store closing due to bad sales.

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