4 thoughts on “What is Sainsbury's health and safety policy for employees?

  1. Buddha

    It will be quite comprehensive and would not be printed on any website. You would need to get a copy from either Sainsbury’s themselves or from an employee.

  2. debbiecat

    There will be a chief Health & Safety Officer who will have the whole policy (it will be at least an entire lever arch file thick – if not 5!). They may have an electronic copy you can have. I’m suprised that Sainsbury’s don’t all ready have a H&S induction session in place?….

  3. mrs v

    I used to work in Sainsbury’s and there should be a copy of the h and s policy on your department. If you ask in personnel they should be able to point you in the right direction. When I worked their our first day was an induction and they told you all this stuff then. I’m guessing they don’t do that anymore.

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