What is the difference between the deli counter for meat or cheese, and pre-packed items on the shelf?

I was in Sainsburys the other day buying some steak. Thinking the deli counter would be better – I got some nice fillet steak which came to £6.30. I went back to the pre-packaged meat on the shelf to find a fillet steak roughly the same size was cheaper. What is the difference between products on the deli counter and the same items on the shelves?
I’d especially love to hear from someone who works in the supermarket!

11 thoughts on “What is the difference between the deli counter for meat or cheese, and pre-packed items on the shelf?

  1. me me

    You can buy as much or as little as you like ie 1 slice of ham and 2oz cheese. The pre-packed was probably packed on a conveyor belt in a factory somewhere

  2. *Moscow*

    They are fresher and you can choose specific amounts and weights. Whereas in a pack you only get say 10 slices or 500g.

  3. mark

    Normally, for meats like filet that are behind the counter are Prime cut whereas the pre-packed stuff is Choice. At least that’s the way my markets operate Those are U.S. terms that relate to the US Department of Agriculture rating of beef. It only has to do with the marbling of the beef. High end restaurants (steak houses) tend to serve only Prime meats (which also tend to have slightly more fat)

  4. ~Susakins~

    You would think the deli is fresher, you can get it sliced however you want too.Thick or thin. You can buy more, for a party or what not too. The price is somewhat higher and the quality is usually better.

  5. ascoile

    You just found out the difference it’s in the price. You have a choice. Buy it off the Deli counter and pay extra to be served by a human, or pick it up yourself.

  6. !ucy

    I think its because they are fresher than the pre packaged one because the pre packaged ones are stacked so the oldest ones are at the front etc…

  7. ?!

    The difference is that they can mess with the sell by date! Yuk! I know this happens in my local supermarket not naming any names Morrisons!!

  8. franky

    prepacked food is what is not sold at the fresh counter, prayed with water and packed,i never buy prepacked ,i know have worked in a supermarket and if only the public knew what goes on behind the scenes, the supermarkets would be forced to clean up. but then again money can buy silence

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