6 thoughts on “Where Can I Buy Cornstarch (not Corn Flour) In The Uk ? I Have Already Tried Tescos And Aldi?

  1. ♠ Merlin ♠

    its the same thing cornstarch, cornflour or maize starch is the starch derived from the corn (maize) grain

  2. Layla

    Amazon.com or Any other online grocer ? You could also try iherb.com and use code GCG963 and get $5 off your first purchase and if you’re buying cornstarch, I think you’d probably just have to pay shipping, if you buy over $40 though you get $10 off you first order,….or wait I don’t know how the exchange works… They’re an international company so it’s probably like £5 off you first order or something like that or something along those lines,… idk I freaking love them they always give you tons of free stuff and samples with your orders, they’re really big on rewarding their customers, and shipping is usually really cheapwith them too. no matter where you are, I live in the states and I think it’s like just under $5 and then I have some friends in Korea who also shop there and they said it was like $4-5 to ship to them, and it usually gets to you within like 3-4 days. Good luck! I hope you find something local but if not i hope these work!

  3. Raatz

    American cornstarch = UK cornflour. It’s the same thing. American cornflour = cornmeal.

  4. First L

    Raatz and Merlin are both correct…what Americans call cornstarch is called corn flour in the UK. It is exactly the same thing. This is different than cornmeal, which is more or less the same in both America and the UK, which is very coarsely ground corn (maize). In the US there is yet a third product, different from both cornmeal and cornstarch/corn flour, which is known by its Spanish name, masa harina, which is ground maize with more or less the consistency of wheat flour (which is coarser than cornstarch/corn flour), but finer than conrmeal. It is used to make tamales, tortillas and other Mexican/Central American foods.

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